4 Key Moves You Must Make To Succeed In Getting The Girl You Want And Keep Her Interested In You

Published: 16th February 2011
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What are the actions you should certainly take if you are to manage in getting the girl you want and keep her smiling, interested in you? First of all, keep it simple. Lots of ladies who have had dates before develop cold feet if they see that you are trying too hard to bring a smile on their face.

1. Surprise your date with a CD of his or her choice music

One of the steps you can take to be a success in getting the girl you want and keep her, is to send her a surprise gift of a CD of her favourite songs. If you are not sure, have a general discussion with her about the music she likes without giving away your plans. Send the the CD in a nice wrapping that makes her feel special and stirs her romantic emotions towards you. If you don't want to buy the CD and are computer savvy, you could produce your own CD in itunes with a variety of songs from different singers.

2. Bring her one rose or a bunch of tulips.

Sending your woman within reasonable time frames, a rose or a bunch of flowers will keep reminding her of how much you care for her. One rose has the same effect on a female as a whole bunch of them and so if you are sending roses, let it be 1 as an alternative to a whole bouquet of them. If you are determined to send a full bunch, then red tulips are a good option.

To be even more romantic, I advise you try this suggestion. Bring with you a single flower on your first date; 2 flowers on your 2nd ; 3 flowers on your 3rd date and so on and so on. I promise you, doing things this way will charm her even more.

3. Attract her with chocolate.

Of course, chocolate does wonders with women and it will surely assist you in getting the girl you want. Nibbling on chocolate together with your lady can generate pleasant little moments of intimacy. So, set off now, if you must, to your local chocolate shop and choose some dark chocolate for your next date.

4. Be a gentleman always.

Showing kindness even in small matters will set you apart from the majority of contemporary men and will aid you in getting the female you want. Females still fancy having the door opened for them and even welcome it when a gentleman stands up when they return to the table. Kindness is a quality that will always be appreciated in men by women no matter waht century we are living in.

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